Numerology and Divination Differences

What is Numerology and Divination?

Lets dive into Divination for a start. People goes to Fortune-Teller for divination for various reasons. When there is something bothering them and they would like to have a prediction for the outcome. Or a certain event's happening, for the good or the bad, and should they go ahead with the uncertainty. Can they quit and move to a new career? Probably cases like a long term commitment. Lets say .. marriage. Does this partner bring me happiness? All this you will be able to derive a "Forecast" with Divination.

There is a wide range of methodology you can source for Divinations. I would say almost all culture around the world have some form of metaphysics for them to fall back on. From Indian Astrology to Western Natal Chart to the Chinese 'Qi Men Dun Jia" and the Studies of Numerology and not forgetting Cards Reading and Face Reading.

Is simply endless. At this point, you might be wondering is there a most definite accurate Divination? I would say NO. Nothing is cast as stone, And Divination is just a "Forecast". It has to depends on the a number of factors. The most common factor would be the attitude and behavior of a particular individual.

So thats some area on Divination. And what is Numerology. And what is the CONNECTION between these two. 

We can "ForeCast" an event with Numerology with just a birthdate of an individual. We can definitely read a person's personalities with a birthdate. Is not something superstitious or on groundless facts. All the readings are statically recorded and pass down from the ancestors. I was taken by surprise and shock too when I have my first experience. 

And thats how it triggered my curiosity to find out more and more and more and here I am. There is no direct link to Divination with Numerology. Rather it is statically of what one has done today will lead to what you reap tomorrow. Of course there is a pinch of "Prediction" base on the Gregorian Calendar when we look into the birth chart.

Rather than using the term "Divination", I would prefer to term it "the effects from the Universal Energy" for individual. 

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