Our Name

To name a child is not easy. It can also be seem like a simple task.

Some of the parents like to name their babies after celebrities or big figures. Hoping their children will grow up to be as successful as them.

This is a Big Taboo. Why is this so? This is because everyone's Five Elements (五行) and Birthday (八字) are different. What is right for others may not be right for you.

You need to consider and look at the meaning of the word use, pronunciation when combining the words and so on.

Our Destiny is set by our Date Of Birth. Nobody can change that.(innate eight words - date of birth). A persons' name is related to the individual luck and is also known as the "latter Destiny of one's life" (后天八字).

The suitability of a name will have a certain impact on a person's health, life and luck.

All parents must be aware that naming a baby names is an important detail that cannot be ignored.





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